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15 January 2021



Join us in our English Zoom session to work on four in a row (page 26). If you can't make it, please get someone to test you on some 'ay' words from the unit. 


Today we are considering ways to write our multiplcation workings. When you have finished the worksheet for today, follow the link to have a go at our maths quiz for the week.


Today we are considering prepositions. 

•Prepositions give us clues about location and time.

•For example: behind, before, next to….

•Can you think of any more?


Full List of Prepositions in English with Useful Examples • 7ESL

See if you can spot the prepositions in the PowerPoint and then have a go at the worksheet. Once you have used as many prepositions as you can, please underline them. 


If you finish your English work quickly, practise our spellings for the week in your handwriting book. 


Have a go at the Stay at Home Virtual Challenge. This week is a sock challenge! If you would like to enter the competition, please make sure you have an adult's permission before entering your score and details. If you have older/younger brothers and sisters, they can also join in too!


Today we will be thinking about items of clothes. 

You may also need to recap your knowledge on parts of the body. 

French Clothes - Les Vêtements. 76 pages of fun resources to teach 16 French  words for clothes, great… | Spanish clothing, Fun activities, French  teaching resources


NEW! French Language School Poster - Words about Parts of the Body- Wa –  Long Bridge Publishing

 Now have a go at Lecon 6 et 7. 

Activity 1: 

Write the item of clothing which is missing (in French)

Activity 2: 

Design a snowman and then label the items of clothing (in French)

Activity 3: 

Don't worry about this one, unless you really want to do it!