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14th January 2021 Thursday

English: Writing - Zoom input at 9:30am


Before we start writing this week, it is time for a little bit more of Holes. A word of warning, this is where the story really starts to jump around in time and place. It will all make sesne eventually!

Another part of Chapter Seven


Today we will be using our plans to begin writing our guides to survive Camp Green Lake. Make sure you have your plan from yesterday nearby as you will need to us this.

We are going to start by writing an introduction to our guides. You need to explain what the guide is and who it is for. Don't forget you need to grab the reader's attention - make it interesting! Here is an example:

This guide is a must-have for all you troublesome, crime creating boys all over the world. If you have been un lucky enough to be sent to Camp Green Lake then this is the guide for you. Camp Green Lake is the most feared juvenile correctional facility on earth and a death trap for all humanity. Read on to learn how to survive this vast and barren wasteland; Be prepared.

Task: Write your introduction to your guide for How to Survive at Camp Green Lake.



Spelling lists for Group One and Two for Tuesday 4th January - Friday 15th January 2021 can be found on the class page under Spelling.

Unit 7 The Sh sound spelt si or ssi

Task: Please complete the Special Focus 7 activity as shown on page 36.  This looks at Orange words which are especially tricky. Check your answers with an adult.


Maths - Zoom input at 11:00am

Today we will be recapping a year 5 skill. We will be looking at thousandths.


What is a thousandth?

The third decimal digit from the decimal point is the thousandths digit. 


If 4 tenths = 0.4, 4 hundredths = 0.04, what is 4 thousandths equal to?

ANSWER = 0.004


A few questions for you to try:


You can watch this video to support you with your maths today. This will be especially useful if you are unable to attend the live input.


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Task: Complete the activity below. Try to complete as many questions as you can. 

Now you have finished, you can check your answers and mark your own work using the answer sheet below.

Google Classroom

Mathematics: coordinates recap quiz.

Go to the Year Six Google Classroom. Here, you can find a quiz on coordinates that you all need to complete by 3:15pm on Friday. This will enable us to have a good understanding for how everyone has got on with the work we have looked at for coordinates.

If you are unable to complete the quiz by Friday, please let us know. We will be chasing up pupils that do not complete this work!

You can find it at on our Google Classroom - link below.

Google Classroom: Year Six



Thursday afternoon is time to get active. Try to spend around 1 hour being physically active.

You may want to complete some exercise of your own choosing, e.g. football in your garden. Or, if you prefer,  use one of the links to below.

Wake Up with Joe

Cosmic Kids Yoga



This terms art unit is called Objects and their meanings.

Still life artists need to be very particular with the objects they choose to paint. They must ensure the objects look like they were meant to be together, so they must arrange them perfectly.

Look at the still life paintings on the slides and ask which objects the artist has used for the subject of their painting.