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14th January 2021 Thursday


We are doing a maths zoom at 9am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Today we are going to be comparing statements. This is where we use < > and = (we uses these symbols in September... remember, the crocodile eats the bigger side!).

If you were unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

and work through the powerpoint below before you try to complete the worksheet. 



We are doing an English zoom at 10:30am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Today we are going to be doing some PSHCE through our English lesson. Please join us for the zoom where we will be reading a book and having a discussion before you do some work.


Activity 1:

Have a look at English activity 1 below. You need to think about what people thought of Marshall. You are going to compare what they thought of him before they got to know him and then what they thought of him after they got to know him. 


Activity 2:

Please answer these questions:

  1. How do you think Marshall felt when he joined the school?
  2. Do you think everybody has the same feelings about starting a new school?
  3. How would you feel if you were starting a new school?
  4. What made people change their opinion of Marshall?
  5. What do you think the message of this story is?



We are doing a Topic zoom at 1:30pm. Please use the link in the email to take part in this.

We are going to be learning about the Romans in Britain. To do this, we need to know where they came form and how they got to England. Have a look at the powerpoint below if you are unable to join us for zoom. 


Task 1:

Have a look at the Topic - task 1 document below. I have uploaded this as a word document so the children can complete it on the computer if you would rather do this than print it. 

Answer the questions using the information you have learnt. 


Task 2:

Look at the Topic- task 2 document. Put the pictures in order to show how the Roman Empire expanded. 

You can either print it out, cut and stick them in order. Or, move the pictures around on the computer in the document.


Next steps: 

  1. Write a few sentences to explain why you think the Roman Empire expanded. 
  2. Write a few sentence to explain how you think the Romans took control of all this land.