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14 January 2021


Join us in our English Zoom session to work on dictation together (page 26). If you can't make it, please get someone to read you the sentences from the back of the book to you. 

Maths (Zoom input at 9:00 am)

Today we are considering ways to multiply efficiently. That means finding strategies to help ourselves work our a question that might seem tricky at first. My top tip today is to persevere. If it seems a little tough at first, consider what you can do to help yourself. Can you use different multiplication facts to help yourself?

I have uploaded a sheet with useful strategies.


Today we will be finishing our letters to Nestle. First read through your work from yesterday. Does it all make sense? Is it strong but polite?

Task 1:

We are going to write about our second argument against palm oil farming. Don't forget to support your point of view. 

Task 2:

Make you final point against palm oil farming.

Task 3: 

Explain what you would like Nestle to do (use sustainable palm oil). Then sign off your letter. E.g. Yours sincerely, Miss Heffernan

Finally - edit!

Have you…

Checked your spellings?

Checked your sentences make sense?

Checked for punctuation and capital letters?

Checked you have included everything in your success criteria?

Used the present tense throughout your writing?

Next steps…

Up level three adjective choices

Add a subordinate clause to one of your points

Add a rule of three in your letter

Add an adverb 

Add an apostrophe for possession

Please try to upload your work to google classroom:


How do you know you are alive? What is a living thing?

There are seven characteristics of living things. These seven things start with the letters of MRS NERG. 

Movement, Reproduction, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Respiration, Growth

(Respiration is not breathing, but the use of oxygen from the air to help turn food into energy. Breathing is the process of taking air (containing oxygen) into and expelling (containing waste carbon dioxide) from the lungs).

Have a look at the PowerPoint below and video:

Then have a go at the worksheet.


Have a go at making a poster explaining what Mrs Nerg stands for and then drawing pictures/writing an explanation about each process.