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13th July 2021

Hello Year 4, here you will find our learning for today. 

Maths (Zoom at 9:00am):

Today, we are continuing to look at line graphs. The PowerPoint is below, if you need help answering the questions. There are challenge questions if you finish the work quickly.

Guided reading: 

Listen along with the next chapter of Song of the Dolphin Boy here:

English (Zoom at 10:30am)

Today we are thinking about standard English. 

Do you know what standard English is?

Standard English is the form of English that is taught around the world and understood by all speakers of the language.

It uses correct grammatical rules and can be thought of as the formal, official, or polite way of speaking or writing.

Non-standard English is the informal version of the language, which can change depending on where it is being spoken.

It contains lots of slang (very informal versions of standard words), which can be particular to a certain area or group of people, so may not be used or understood by everyone.

You can find further information here, where there is an informative video:

What is Standard English? | TheSchoolRun

There are two sheets for you to complete below. One on did/done and the other on was/where. Choose the ability level which you think suits you best. 


We are continuing to think about homophones. Today, we are looking at where, wear, were and we're. These words can often catch us out.  It links in well with our English learning too!

Where - "where do you live?"

Wear - "he was wearing a dark suit"

Were - 'they were being silly'

We’re - 'we're going to the cinema'


Please make sure you allocate at least 25 minutes for independent reading. We only have 9 days left to reach our targets! 

Topic (Zoom at 1:30pm):

Did you know the Olympics are coming up very soon?

They are scheduled to take place between 23 July and 8 August. This is another big sporting event, where we compete against different countries.

More updates to Tokyo Olympics rulebook announced - ABC7 Southwest Florida

As we are working from home, we are going to begin a project over the next few days, where we can develop a whole bundle of work based around this amazing sporting event. 

Before we start, we need you to find out a little more! 

The websites below should help you with your research:

You may want to present your research in a PowerPoint, mind-map or poster. Whatever works best for you! Please make it neat, informative and colourful. If you are really stuck, there is a research template attached below. 

Please think about some of the following points: 

  • Sports which are included in the games
  • How the Olympics started
  • Which countries are involved
  • Famous sports people
  • England's achievements
  • Where the Olympics has taken place
  • What 'wow' facts can you find out?
  • The torch
  • The opening ceremony

We will share the information you have found out tomorrow in our Zooms, so try to find out something unusual!