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13th January 2021 Wednesday


Please read on your own today for 15 minutes. Can you look for 3 new words that you don’t know the meaning of and write them in your home journal.They might be from a chapter book if you are reading one with your parents at home as a bedtime story. If not, have a look at a Roald Dahl book. (You can find extracts on the internet)


Zoom lesson  9.00 – 10.00

Today, we are revisiting work from yesterday.

We are learning to:-

 using multiplication sentences to make groups

You will need resources to help you work practically. E.g. lego pieces, pasta.

Watch the video after the zoom lesson if you need a bit more help.

 The sheet you will need to help you is attached below.

You need to:-

cut out and show a multiplication picture for each of the multiplication sentences.

You will need to take a photograph of what you have made. You could also draw some, as well as use resources you have at home. 

If you need a challenge, try the two times table activity sheet.



Zoom lesson 10.30 – 11.30

Today we are learning to :-

Collect powerful language to use in description writing.

Choose a dragon from the pictures (you do not need to print all the pictures, just the one that you like the best.)

Use the wordmat with examples of words to write in each of the boxes. Do not write sentences, just words or phrases.

Keep it safe because we will be writing the description very soon!!


Zoom lesson 1p.m.

We are learning to:-

find out the difference between a city, town and village?

We will watch the video to help us.




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What would you expect to see in a village?

What would you expect to see in town?

What would you expect to see in a city?

 See attached sheet to cut and stick things in the correct place.