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13th January - Wednesday

Hello Reception - welcome to today's learning

Session 1

Daily handwriting –

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

We are also going to work through a letter a day. Use your white board.

Wednesday – cccccccc – curl around the caterpillar.

Session 2

Online session 9.40 - Phonics

Set 2 sounds:

igh – fly high

This is today’s sound have a go at the resource sheet from Read Write Inc. 

Can you say the sound?

Can you practise writing the letters?

Can you read the sound when it is in other words?

Can you make some flash cards from the words on the sheet – play a game with them – turn them over / read them / if you get them right you get to keep them – if you don’t they go to your opponent.

Can you add the ay, ee, and igh words to make a really challenging game today?

Can you write your words on a kite outline?

You could make a kite?

Can you test out if it flies?

I found this website for kite making crafts – check it out if your fancy being crafty…

CLL - Session 3- This may be something that you save for later...

I can create a map with places of interest that I have seen. I can write the labels for the places. I can use my phonics knowledge to use the initial and dominant sounds in the words.

On your walk today can you look at all of the things that you pass? Look for houses, shops, garages, petrol stations, signs, parks, churches.  Anything that is of interest.  Maybe you could take photographs of them to help you remember them when you get home.


When you get home I would like you to draw a map of the places you have walked past.  Can you label the things on your map?

Think about the initial sounds – can you write the labels of all the things that you saw – do you remember any road names? Do you know the name of the road that you live in?



Maths- Session 4 - Online session at 11.10 am

Today’s maths is about adding 2 groups together. I am going to go through today’s focus with the children if you can’t make the session have a look at the link below Once you have worked through the film clip from White Rose there is a task for you to do.

Frogs in the pond today – draw some frogs / make a pond with a scarf / hoop / cushion. Use your toys a replacement frogs or draw your own. Can you split the frogs between the ponds?

If you would like to have a go at recording something today I have attached a task – Making the ladybirds add up to 5.



Session 5 - Moving and handling

Physical Development - Fine motor skills – using simple tools effectively

Fine motor control: From the Smartest Giant in town – the giant gets dressed. You could use the PDF below to dress the girl and boy ready to go out for any season. Will you choose a summer or winter outfit?

Have a go at cutting out the items from the story to put into size order. Take care when using your scissors – remember to move the paper and you are just opening and closing the scissors – not turning them.

The following online clips and teaching videos may help you if your child is finding cutting a challenge.