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13 January 2021


Please have a go at wordchangers on page 25. You just need to add the root word to the suffix. Check the answers below. 

Maths (Zoom input at 9:00 am)

Today we are thinking about factor pairs.

So, what are factor pairs? They are pairs of numbers that when multiplied together give a specific product (answer).

For example, below we can see that the factor pairs of 36 are:

1 x 36

2x 18

3 x 12

4 x 9


A good tip is to start at 1 and count up to see what numbers mutliply by something. It is a good idea to use a rainbow like below.


See the source image



Yesterday, we came up with lots of reasons against palm oil farming. Can you remember any of them? 

Today, we are going to begin to write our letters. We will be completing them over a few days.

Task 1:

To begin with we must write our address and the date on the right hand side. 

We can then put Dear Sir/Madam, 

(We want it to be formal!) 

Task 2:

You first paragraph is going to be short. It must explain why you are writing. We are writing because we have found out that they are still using 136,500 tonnes of palm oil a year. We want to see a change!

Task 3:

You are going to explain your first argument against palm oil farming. Maybe you want to comment on decreasing oxygen levels, child labour or deforestation? Back up you idea. Try to make it really powerful. Try to use some of the suggestions below: 

•An impactful introduction
•Emotional language
•Facts to support your arguments
•List of three
•Short sentences
•Expanded noun phrase
•Powerful adjectives
•Rhetorical questions
There is a template below and some sentence starters if you are a little stuck. You could also look at Mrs S's letter for ideas on vocabulary and layout. 
We will be fitting two shorter sessions into this afternoon!
Zones of Regulation
We will be doing a little bit of work on the zones of regulations today. 
As we know, things can happen throughout the day which change our mood. 
For example, someone might come into school feeling in the green zone, but they might fall over and end up feeling in the yellow zone. 
I want you to look at the idioms/phrases attached below. Can you think of a time when you have felt any of these things? Choose one from each colour. Draw a picture on the template and explain why you felt like that. 
Today, we are going to be looking at a Brazilian artist called Tarsila Do Amara. Click on the PowerPoint to find out more. 
Then have a go at copying the picture below. You can use whatever you have at home: coloured pencils, felt tips, paints. 
Tarsila do Amaral, Who Inspired Brazil's 'Cannibalist' Movement, Gets a  Major MoMA Show | artnet News