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11th January 2021 Monday


We are doing a maths zoom at 9am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Today we are going to be looking at dividing by 8.

If you were unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

 and work through the powerpoint below before you try to complete the worksheet. 



We are doing an English zoom at 10:30am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this.

Today we are going to be thinking about apostrophes for possession. 

Possession means that you have something or that you own something. We need to use an apostrophe (like a comma but in the sky ' ) to show when something belongs to somebody. 


For example:

The dog's ball is blue. 

In this sentence, the dog owns the ball. Because it is his ball, we need to use an apostrophe. 


Have a look at this one:

Tom's book is on the floor. 

In this sentence, the book belongs to Tom, so he needs an apostrophe. 


Have a look through the powerpoint below and see if you can spot all of the apostrophes for possession. Once you have looked at this, you can have a look at the tasks below. 


Task 1:

Have a look at the 'task 1' sheet below. There are 3 sentences for each question. You need to tick the sentence that uses an apostrophe for possession correctly. 


Task 2:

Have a look at the 'task 2' sheet below. There are sentences which are missing the apostrophe for possession. Your job is to re-write the sentence and put the apostrophe in the correct place. 



We are doing an RE zoom at 1:30pm. Please use the link in the email to take part in this

This afternoon we are going to begin our new topic - Journeys. 


We are going to start this by thinking about the journey we go on during the year. We have just started a new year and we have the whole year ahead of us - lots will happen in the next 12 months. 


Join us for the zoom where we will be talking about the year and creating a 2021 timeline. 


If you are unable to join the zoom, I would like you to have a go at creating your own timeline for 2021. Think about all the things which will (hopefully!) happen this year. Draw out a timeline and work your way through the year, putting the things that will happen to you on it. 


Don't forget to include things that might happen to you at home and things at school. Here are some examples:

  • Your birthday!
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • School holidays
  • Any holidays?
  • Exciting family events
  • Your Holy Communion

Here is the start of a timeline to get you started!

Have a go at your own!