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11th January - Monday

Good Morning to Reception

Welcome to your new week of learning.

I will see you at 9.40 (please note time)  for our first online session of the day.

Session 1  - 

Daily handwriting –

Each day I would like you to try a handwriting pattern and a letter a day

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

We are also going to work through a letter a day. Use your white board.

Tunnels  - pre handwriting patterns.

We are also going to go through the alphabet – to master a letter a day.

Monday aaaaaaaaa (apologies - I am unable to change the font!) – around the apple, down the leaf.  See pdf attached – it may help


Session 2 - Online session 9.40am

Communication Language and Literacy

Focus: Listening

Monday - Today we are going to hear the story The Smartest Giant in town. Things to note from the story How kind the giant is. What are all of the things that he does? Who does she pass on his day? Think about all of the characters.

This week the story of the Smartest Giant in Town is going to feature through many of our areas of learning.  We are going to think about journeys and maps for Knowledge and understanding and labelling the maps and buildings for our writing challenges this week. 

Challenge 1: Can you listen to the story and recall some of the events and characters in the story.  I will read the story in our Monday morning online session – or you can read it with the link below.


Session 3 - writing / mark making

Focus: I can recall the events from a story.

Recalling the events of a story is something that we do regularly in Reception – we do it orally when we have read a story – this happens 2 or 3 times a day. We do it when we are given instructions – this can happen beyond 20 times a day. We do it naturally in our everyday teaching.  Developing the skill to recall has so many other skills intertwined in it too.

Listening skills – to talk about what they have heard / Understanding – to decode it in their mind and then retell it. Developing knowledge of new vocabulary / speaking – to recall to story / To be creative – to remember some of the events in a story.

Stories then play a big part in their games and conversations.

What do you remember from the story The Smartest Giant in Town? Can you write a sentence / or tell your grown up your sentence and they can scribe it for you.

Can you then draw a picture of something you remember from the story? Think about the colours you are using for your picture. Make sure you choose your colours carefully? (we are thinking about matching the colours to items and objects in the real world – sometimes there is obviously the place for green and purple people and animals but we are also working on the skill to choose colours for a purpose and make the connection with reality)

You may want to use the PDF to record it on  - or as an idea for your own work.

Session 4:  Maths on line Session 11.10am

Today’s maths is about adding 2 groups together. I am going to go through today’s focus with the children if you can’t make the session have a look at the link below. Once you have worked through the film clip from White Rose there is a task for you to do.

Can you gather together some toys – count them all to see how many there are - start with 5.  Put the toys into 2 different groups – can you work out how many are in each group by counting them? If you count set 1 can you work out how many are in set 2 without counting them? Once you are confident to 5 you could add more toys.


Session 5: Phonics

We have now learnt all of the set 1 sounds and are moving onto set 2. Please make sure you are going through the set 1 sounds daily.

Set 2 sound:

ay– may I play

This is today’s sound have a go at the resource sheet from Read Write Inc. 

Can you say the sound?

Can you practise writing the letters?

Can you read the sound when it is in other words?

Can you make some flash cards from the words on the sheet – play a game with them – turn them over / read them / if you get them right you get to keep them – if you don’t they go to your opponent.

Session 6 - Personal Social and Emotional Development


Our PSED unit this term is called ‘Going for Goals’ – A ‘goal’ is an interesting word for a Reception child to understand. If they are a football fan then they would have heard the word before – otherwise it would be new word for them to add to their vocabulary. A goal is something that we want to try to achieve. We may have goals for the short term and then some for the future. We thought about ‘Wishes for 2021’ last week – these are long term gaols and we have potentially got the year to achieve them.

This week I would like us to think about short term goals – something you would like to achieve ‘today’ – each day. And then something you aim to achieve in the week. 

Here are some ideas for you…

  • To go out for a walk every day.

  • To bake a cake.

  • To write a letter and send it in the post.

  • To sing a song.

  • To do a video call to an extended member of the family.

  • To master writing the letter ‘a’.

  • To set the table for a family meal.

  • To read a book every day.

  • To tell you family you love them.


Ways to confirm you have met your goal…

You could draw your goal, write it down and do a tick chart every time you do it.