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11 February 2021


Today we will be counting in tenths. 

If we are counting in tenths, the denominator stays the same. The numerator counts up from 1-9. When we come to 10 tenths, we know that is one whole or 1. We can then carry on eleven tenths etc. 

Year 3 - Week 5 - Lesson 4 - Count in tenths on Vimeo

Have a look at the PowerPoint and then do the worksheet. 


Join us in our English Zoom session to work on 'Dictation' together (Unit 8). If you can't make it, please get someone to read you the sentences from the back of the book to you. 

English (Zoom input at 10:30)

Have a look out of the window. What is happening right now? How would you describe it?

We are going to begin our weather forecasts today, we need to explain to our viewers what we can see. 

What tense do you think we need to use for that? The present progressive! You will be writing 'It is'

Have a think about the following points: 

  • Precise, Informative, Entertaining = PIE
  • Short sentences with pauses (commas).
  • Time/ordering connectives - when will it happen?
  • Geographical terms - where? Regions, directions, names of places.
  • Weather vocabulary - what? Why? Type of weather, severity of weather, cause of weather.
  • Organised into local areas.

There is a template below if you are struggling for ideas. 


Today you are going to present your information on the Amazon rainforst in a PowerPoint, so it looks something like this:

What is the UK weather forecast for tomorrow as London prepares for sun? |  Metro News

Follow my PowerPoint below to help you work out how to set it all up. 

You could present your findings to someone in your house!