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10th February 2021 Wednesday

English: Writing - Zoom Input at 9:30am

It is time to read more of our class reader ‘Holes’ - what will happen next?




Today we are going to start writing our reports about the famous Highwayman, Dick Turpin.

What could the title of your report be? Here are a few ideas:

  • Stand and Deliver! The life of Dick Turpin
  • Dangerous Dick Turpin - Criminal and Highwayman


Today we need to start our reports by writing an introduction.

What is the purpose of an introduction? To explain to the reader what the report is about. It should engage the reader and make them want to read on, without giving away too much information!



Task: Write your introduction to your formal report about Dick Turpin (on Google Classroom). Below is an example to help you get started:


Stand and Deliver! The life of Dick Turpin

Arguably, Dick Turpin is the most famous highwayman and criminal of his time. Turpin dedicated his life to breaking the law - usually as part of the notorious Essex Gang. Read on to become and expert on the exploits of this daring and dashing outlaw.


Here is a word bank to help you over the next few weeks:


Spelling lists for Group One and Two for Monday 1st February - Friday 12th February 2021 can be found on the class page under Spelling.

Unit 9 - ie and ei

Task: Complete Special Focus 9 on page 46 all about Hyphens. 


Maths: Zoom input at 11:00am

Today we will be looking at Forming Expressions.

A formula is a fact or rule that uses mathematical symbols.

It will usually have:

  • an equals sign (=)
  • two or more variables (x, y, etc) that stand in for values we don't know yet

It shows us how things are related to each other.

For Example: the formula for finding the area of a rectangle is the length x width. This can be expressed as a = l x w (area = length x width)


Watch the video below. This will be especially helpful if you are unable to join in the zoom lesson:


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Task: Complete the activity below. Try to complete as many questions as you can. 

Now you have finished, you can check your answers and mark your own work using the answer sheet below.

Forming Expressions - ANSWERS

Mastery Challenge

Have a go at this challenge if you wish.



Topic - Zoom input at 1:30pm

Throughout our topic, we will be learning about Crime and Punishment and how it has changed from the Roman times to the present day.

Today we will be thinking about Crime and Punishment during Medieval and Tudor Times.


On the timeline you can see that the Medieval period spans from the Norman conquest in 1066 up until the beginning of the Tudor period in 1485.


To find out more about the common crimes and how they were punished during this time, please read through the slides below:

Task 1: Fill in the gaps to show you have understood the key information about the changes during this period.

Task 2: Create a table with two headings:

Norman and Early Medieval

Late Medieval and Tudor




Organise the facts to show which of the crimes / punishments fit into which time period.

This information sheet may be useful:



On This Day in History: 10th February 1942

The first ever record to sell one million copies is awarded a 'gold' disc - the 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.


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