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10 February 2021


Today we will be talking about tenths. 


Please have a go at 'Wordchangers' (Unit 8). You just need to add the root word to the suffix. 


What words are used to describe weather? 

Today we will be thinking about weather forecasts. 

Look at the type of language used. Think about the way it sounds. Who is the audience? What are the audience interested in knowing?

Look below to find out what every weather forecast should include: 

  • Precise, Informative, Entertaining = PIE
  • Short sentences with pauses (commas).
  • Time/ordering connectives - when will it happen?
  • Geographical terms - where? Regions, directions, names of places.
  • Weather vocabulary - what? Why? Type of weather, severity of weather, cause of weather.
  • Organised into local areas

Now have a a go at identifying some of these features in the worksheet.