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1 w/b 4th January

Reading - Read your stage book at home. If you are on Accelerated Reader you can quiz on your book with this link (when you have finished your book). There are also some Victorian reading activities this week.


Spellings - Tickled, phoned, poked, waved, partied, married, Christmas, parents and Tuesday.

Rainbow words - Write out your spellings in different colours. Can you make a pattern? Write out each word at least four times.

Making up sentences with your spellings in - With a grown up make up sentences with your spellings in. You or the grown up need to write these down. You can have more than one of your spellings in the same sentence, but every spelling needs to be covered. Keep these safe for the next activity.

Dictated sentences - A grown up can read out the sentence to you made up in the previous activity and you write it down. Can you get the spellings and the other words in your sentences correct?

Quizzing - On Friday, grown up will read out your spellings and you write them down onto a piece of paper. Check your spellings with your grown up. How many did you get right or which words to do you need to practice more?



Literacy Thursday - Reading comprehension. See attachments below.

Literacy Friday - Spelling quiz


Maths - See the attachments below

Maths WednesdayCompare money. See attachments below.

Maths Thursday - Makematician Day! Can you make a parachute? Explore what shape makes the parachute take the longest to fall to the floor? What size parachute makes the parachute take the longest to fall to the floor? You might need to practise your 2D shapes and measuring in cm first. Try making the parachute out of some paper and string.

Maths FridayFind the Total. See attachments below.


Geography - Find out the answers to these questions.

Geography Wednesday - Our next topic is China. Can you find England on a map? What is the capital city of England? Can you find where China is on a map? What is the capital city of China? Are China and England near or far away? What is a continent? What continents are England and China in? Are they even on the same continent? If you were travelling to China how could you get there, and how long would it take? Try this website to start you off.

Thursday Geography - What sort of food do people eat in China? What does the Chinese flag look like? What is the Great Wall of China, and why was it built? When does China celebrate new year? Is it the same or different to how we celebrate? Try this website.