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08 January 2021


Today we are building on our understanding of the 7 x table, by considering the division facts.

Have a look at the PowerPoint before having a go at the worksheet. 


Today we are going to be editing and improving our work from yesterday.

We will be writing a second draft.

What do you think a second draft is?

The main goal for the first draft is to get it all down on paper (or on screen).

The second draft is where you start performing the delicate surgery of revision. In the second draft, you should be looking more closely at the length and structure of your sentences and paragraphs, your word choices and your voice and tone—to make sure that you’ve said everything you wanted to say in the most effective way possible.

To do this, you need to check:

  • Spelling
  • No repeated words
  • No missing words
  • Add adjectives/expanded noun
  • Add adverbs
  • Change sentence starters
  • Add punctuation – especially commas
  • Change sentence lengths- compound, compound, short
  • Ensure no repeated pronouns/nouns

Please write out your work from yesterday, changing small details to make it even better!


Even though you are at home, you can still have a go at the virtual challenge! Click on the link to find out what your challenge is this week. Remember, it's all about trying to beat your own personal best. So have a few goes and see if you can beat your own result!