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07 January 2021


Today we are learning the key 7 x table facts. I have found a really cool version of Pharrell William's song 'Happy' which should help you remember it. 

See the source image

Flick through the PowerPoint before having a go at the worksheet below.



Today we will write a short story describing the orang-utan . It will be in third person. What does third person mean?


We will be writing in past tense. How will I be able to see that in your work?

Today we want to have the following features.

  • Short effective hook/opening sentence
  • Describe the weather to create the mood
  • Using multi-sensory descriptions to help the reader visualise the horrific scenes
  • Changing the length of our sentences for effect
  • Using interesting descriptions – e.g – not saying ‘diggers’ but describing them as monsters.

Here is an example:

I have just violently collapsed as my home has been obliterated.

Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible, the hail is as big as boulders tumbling from the sky, thundering and thrashing through the trees.

I can see trees crumbling down next to my poor mother, unwillingly squashing her deceased body. Rampaging monster trucks can be heard crushing the trees, from a mile away. I can taste disgustingly dirty smoke, that is as vile as death.

Use the writing support sheet below if you are stuck for ideas. It does not need to be massively long - just powerful!


You have a chance today to present your findings from yesterday in a poster to raise awareness. You can use the template below if you would like.