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05th March 2021 Friday


We are doing a maths zoom at 9am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Today we are going to be adding lengths.

If you were unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

and work through the powerpoint below before you try to complete the worksheet. 




We are doing a zoom at 10:30am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this.

For the rest of the day, there are some PSHCE activities I would like you to complete. We will talk about them all in the zoom. Youcan find the information for them here:


I am amazing:

Every single one of you is amazing! We all have qualities that make us special We are all different...but we are all amazig! 

The first activity I would like you to do is complete the 'I am amazing' sheet below. You need to finish the sentences in the balloons Think carefully and don't rush through this activity!


Happiness frames:

Being happy is good for us! When we are happy, we have good days and quite often we make other people feel happy too!

Happiness means different things to different people. Happiness looks, feels and sounds different for different people. 


This afternoon, you have 3 picture frames to fill up. This is the start of lots of PSHCE work that we will be doing next week If possible, please bring this work into school next week. 


In the 3 frames, you need to think about: 

  • What happiness looks like to you
  • What happiness feels like for you
  • What happiness sounds like for you

If you can't print this off, the children can do this on plain paper. We will cut the frames out when we are in school anyway!


Your lockdown experience:

This lockdown has been another strange time for us, but maybe there have been parts of it that you have enjoyed. Your last activity is to reflect (think back) on lockdown and pick out 4 different things that happened. 

Maybe it was a day where you did something really exciting! Maybe there was a day you felt a little bit sad, or bored, or lonely. Draw a picture for each of these times You can use the sheet below if you want.