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05 January 2021



Today we are looking at the 9 x table. I find the easiest way to remember the 9 x table is by using my fingers. Watch this video if you're unsure what I mean!

Have a look at the PowerPoint and then see if you can answer the questions. It is important that you find ways to help you work out your times tables. Use some of the strategies we spoke about before Christmas!


This week, we are looking at an advert with a very important message. The government actually banned this advert from being broadcast on the television, however many people think that the message should still be shared with the public.


Iceland Christmas advert: Why has it been banned? Petition to air it on TV  hits 920,000 | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

After you have watched the advert, think about the following questions:

What message is the author trying to share here?

What product is the orang-utan representing?

What is palm oil?

What are the positives and negatives of farming palm oil?

Why do you think the government may have banned this advert?


If you are unsure what palm oil is, have a look here:


Now have a go at the questions on the worksheet below (A5 page). I have attached the words of the poem for you to have a look at.



This term, we are thinking about endangered animals suffering because rainforests are shrinking. Have a look at the powerpoint and then use the Internet to help you place the following rainforests on a world map.

  • Congo River Basin Rainforest
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Madagascan rainforest
  • Olympic Rainforest
  • Rainforest of Central America
  • Rainforest of South East Asia

Challenge: Can you label the continents? Can you label the rainforest's country? What do you notice about the location of most rainforests?