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04 March 2021

Maths (Zoom at 9:30am) 

Today we will be learning about subtracting a fraction from a whole amount. Remember a whole is a fraction! It just needs the same numerator and denominator. 

Image result for whole fractions

If you are unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

Then work through the PowerPoint below, before you try to complete the worksheet. 


Join us in our English Zoom session to work on 'Dictation' together (Unit 9). If you can't make it, please get someone to read you the sentences from the back of the book to you. 

English (Zoom input at 10:30)

Today we are finishing our non-chornological reports. As always, there are lots of facts which may be helpful in the PowerPoint. Your two sub-headings for today are: 

What are the dangers?

  • What can go wrong? Avalanches? Crevices? Death zone? Equipment failure.

Image result for everest avalanches

What are the problems?

  • Talk about global warming.
  • What are the issues with pollution?
  • What has happened to a lot of climber’s broken equipment and waste?

Image result for everest pollution

You might want to add some fun facts and pictures to your non-chronological report:

Fun facts

Share some fun facts that you have learnt (which you haven’t already included!)

Don't forget to edit your work before you upload it onto Google Classroom! 


Last week we learnt about the different states: liquid solid and gas. 

This week, we will be learning about how the state can change. For example when it is hot, a solid ice cube can melt into a liquid. 

Melting and cooling can cause states to change. 

Watch this video to help you understand a little more:

There is an investigation for you to try today! You may not be able to measure the water temperature, so just do cold, warm and hot.