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03 March 2021

Maths (Zoom at 9:30am) 

Today we will be learning about subtracting fractions. Like with the adding, we must always keep the denominator the same!

Image result for subtracting  fractions

If you need a recap, look here:

If you are unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

Then work through the PowerPoint below, before you try to complete the worksheet. 


Please have a go at 'Wordchangers' (Unit 9). You just need to add the root word to the suffix. 


English (Zoom input at 10:30) 

Today, we will be continuing with our non-chronological reports. There are lots of facts which you might like to use in the PowerPoint below. Your two subheadings to cover today are: 

What is a Sherpa?

  • What is their job?
  • Why are they important?

Image result for what is a sherpa

Mount Everest achievements

  • How many people have managed to climb Mount Everest?
  • How many people have attempted but not succeeded?
  • Who are memorable people who have reached the top?
  • Why are they record breakers?

Image result for edmund hillary and tenzing norgay

See if you can up-level your work by including a sub-ordinate clause: 

Image result for subordinate conjunction


Today we will be completing sentences in French. I have broken down the key words for you below. You might want to see if you can complete the sentences using your own sentences. E.g. Bonjour! Je m'appelle Miss Heffernan.

Lecon 13 

Activity 1: 

  • Make up your own answers to the questions.
  • Bonjour: hello
  • Je m'appelle = My name is 
  • J'ai un = I have 
  • Ma couleur preferee c'est = my favourite colour is
  • J'ai ..... ans = I am ..... years old 

Activity 2: 

Use the words to fill in the gaps. 

Lecon 14: 

Activity 1:

Colour the eggs the correct colours.

Image result for FRENCH COLOURS

This song may be helpful:

Activity 3: 

See if you can spot the family members, names, animals and adjective in the text. (You might need to leave the food and fruit boxes)