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01 March 2021


Today, we are starting off the week by thinking about peer pressure. Peer pressure is when you are influenced by someone in your group. Sometimes this can be positive, but  it can also be negative. In some situations, we know that doing something that a friend has suggested will be bad, however, we feel the need to impress them. This can put us in a tricky situation. In some cases, peers can try to persuade us to do dangerous things. We need to recognise this and not give in to peer pressure is it will put us/someone else at risk or if it will get us into trouble.

Have a look at the PowerPoint to find out more and then think about these questions:

  • How would you deal with peer pressure? 
  • How does peer pressure make you feel? 

Maths (Zoom at 9:30am) 

Today we will be learning to count in fractions. We have already learnt to count in tenths, so hopefully you can apply some of that learning! Like with normal number sequences, you just have to work out what it is jumping in. 

Image result for counting in fractions year 4

If you are unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:
Then work through the PowerPoint below, before you try to complete the worksheet. 


We will watch the video for our new spelling unit in our English Zoom session. For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the 'sion' sound. Once you have watched it, please have a go at Spelling Zone (Unit 9) in your purple books.

English (Zoom input at 10:30)

This week we will be learning more about Mount Everest. 

Mount Everest is located between Nepal and Tibet.

Image result for where is Mount Everest

Your reading comprehension today is about Nepal. 

Choose the level which suits you best and mark your answers when you are finished. 


Last week, we considered how mass helps us consider our own actions and reflected on the introductory rite. 

This week, we are focusing on the communion rite. This part of the mass is based upon the Last Supper. 

What happened at the last supper?

Jesus gave his body and blood for us which we celebrate in the celebration of the Eucharist. During the communion rite, catholics come together and say the Lord's prayer.

Image result for our father


What do you think these words mean? 

This is a brief summary: 

We humbly ask god for what we need. Food, courage, peace, patience, healing.

We ask for forgiveness from God and recognise that we will forgive others too.

At the end, we accept that temptation can be difficult and we need God’s help.





You have a choice of activities today: 

  • Read the Lord’s Prayer line by line, formulating ideas about the meaning. Annotate your ideas around the prayer. 
  • Using the phrases of the Our Father, think of ways in which these can be lived out by Christians today. 
  • Write a prayer or poem about how peace and unity in the world might shape the lives of Christians.

A prayer for peace might be something like this: