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Monday 8th June 2020


Today is a chance to look at a script for the Tempest by William Shakespeare. 

Read through carefully, looking up any language that you are not sure about!



Today we continue with the brilliant work you did last week linked to multiplying fractions. 

Watch through the video and join along when it asks you to!

Good luck!

Year 5 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers


Today we are thinking about the way God wants us to behave and how we can take action to behave in a way that we should. 

Here is some of the guidance we are given early in the bible, it is the guidance that Moses gives to the Israelites. 

During Jesus' lifetime he also gave some guidance on how our lives should be led, and he also followed up with what he called the greatest commandment, in response to the commandments that Moses had given his people on having their freedom. 


This final piece of scripture sums up the ways in which God wants us to live and behave:


You now need to have a look at the sheet below and answer the questions using the information above. 

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