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Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Year Five

I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one. 

Today is the 4th May, which is also know as May the Fourth.

This has become known as Star Wars day around the world!

As you know, I love a great story and Star Wars is definitely that...

Just in case you haven't seen them - here is a trailer for them all!


I know many of you enjoy the Star Wars films, and so to celebrate I have added an activity where you can create your own Star Wars alien if you want to. 

Star Wars Day


To get us started tomorrow it is some Go Noodle!

I hope you enjoy the activities today. 



Miss S Group focus on -ant and -ance, try Bouncing Anagrams

Mrs T group- Bouncing Anagrams: 



Today, we are going to be doing some reading linked to the how the Titanic sank, which happened over one hundred years ago. 

I hope you find it interesting to learn about. 

Here is some vocabulary that is mentioned in the text, have a look through and see if you know the meaning of the words. If you don't know them then look them up!



-maiden voyage


-ocean liner










There are three options to choose from, remember to pick out what will challenge you out of Good, Amazing, Awesome






1) 4/5 of 80

2) 483 x 15

3) 91345 - 28119


Answers will be uploaded later today


Today we are thinking about different types of angles. 

How we can recognise them without even having to measure them. 

Can you remember the different angle names you already know?



Acute? Right angle? Obtuse? Straight Line? Reflex?


Take a look at the information below:



Now have a go at the activity below, remember answers will be uploaded later on today. 

Try and work through as much as you can:


Today we are going to find out about two of the mightiest city states of Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta. 

In the region that we call Ancient Greece, which spanned across a large portion of Europe, there were city states which had their own rules, and ways of living. Here is a map of the land known as Ancient Greece. Can you find Sparta and Athens? It also has Crete on there, the home of King Minos who trapped poor Daedalus and Icarus!




On the pack below there is some information about what Athens and Sparta were like: 

As you can see, the city states were vastly different, and had very different ways of dealing with things.

You are now going to write down the different ideas that make Athens and Sparta so different. The sheet below has some ideas at the bottom to help you with sorting out the differences. 

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