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Monday 4th May

Monday 4th May

Good morning Reception 

Welcome to this weeks learning


This week’s focus – This week we will be looking at our learning through the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle – just to keep on with a mini Eric Carle theme as so many of you loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar from last week.   

The Eric Carle website has a whole collection of resources if you need any extras.



Personal Social and Emotional Development - Relationships


I have recorded another story for you about life not being fair – this time it is just about Nina. She is having a very sad time at school. There are 3 parts today as it was quite a long story – You might want to have an interval break!

Have a listen and then have a think about how Nina must be feeling.

There will be a task to go with the story tomorrow - so make sure you listen carefully!

That's not fair Part 1

Still image for this video
Nina is feeling sad - I have brought a friend with me today to help me tell the story.

That's not fair Part 2

Still image for this video
Nina's day at school continues

Tha't not fair - Part 3

Still image for this video
The last part of Nina's day at school.

Physical development


You are all doing so well with your gross motor skills, being very active and learning lots of new things .

I have got a few ideas for developing your fine motor control skills.

I have attached a website that we use in school to help with the development right back to the first marks on the page and then it progresses through the letters. Have a look – the children can draw them on the screen by tracing over with their finger. In class we have it on the big white board and the children have a small board and a white board pen whilst sitting on the carpet – they copy what is going on in front of them. 

Physical Development  - Get active


Don't forget your daily exercise!


Communication Language and Literacy

Listen to the story of The Tiny Seed- by Eric Carle - This book was written in 1970! 


This version I really could not top!! It is a really beautiful version. You can also turn the sound off as the days go on to have a go at reading it together.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Reading support

Just for information - if you are interested in finding out about the pronunciation of the sounds and you have a spare 6 minutes then have a look at this short film – you may find it useful.

Reading Task


This week we are introducing the sound ‘ea’ from the set 3 sounds – this is where we now start to get sounds that are the same but they have different letters – so the pictures on the cards are vital to help this. Please check out Mr English’s resources. ‘ea’ cup of tea.

I have attached the ’ea’ sheet from Read Write Inc to help you get started today. PDF



'ea' cup of tea - Read Write Inc document

Writing with Reception and today's task


The writing tasks this week are spread across a few of the learning areas so the focused writing task is a short one each day – to write a sentence about the caterpillars and their next update.  Let the children use their skills to sound out the words –

Children in reception all work at different stages – especially in writing – Lots of children are not fans of writing because there are so many elements to it – Pencil grip, making a mark on the page, formation of the letters, remember what they are writing about, pressure to make it look like a published page that they have seen in a book – there are so many things that can worry them…

To help you out I have put some point to look at that may help you gage where they are at so you can support them –

  1. Every word does not need to be spelt correctly.  They are learning phonics so they spell phonetically.
  2. If they have learnt some of the tricky words – they could be highlighted to use them or remind the children that they know them.
  3. Some children are confident to identify the initial sounds in the words they want to write.

‘T  C a big’   = The caterpillars are big.    They may be able to find the sounds for ‘big’ as it is a phonetically plausible word.


  1. The next stage is spotting some of the ‘dominant sounds’ in words – these are the obvious letters that stand out.

‘th catpllars  r  big’  = The caterpillars are big

  1. The next stage is when they are able to visualise the word and think about the amount of letters. We use dashes to help with this.

Cat_ _ p _ ll _ _ s.


It is such a delicate area for children – some are natural writers and have the confidence to just have a go and are not worried about it being different (in a grown-ups eyes – spelt incorrectly)

Some children really don’t want to commit to make the mark on the page as they worry and lack confidence because they know it does not look like - mummy’s/daddy’s/ Mrs Hodge’s…

And then some children sit somewhere in between these two stages where they are happy to have a go but don’t really want to!

Since September our job in reception has been to encourage all of the children to be writers and to develop their confidence to have a go! It is all amazing and then we pick one thing to give them a gentle nudge in to try differently next time.

When you are writing they need to see you cross things out and get them wrong – it is ok!


So with all of this in mind can you have a go at writing about the caterpillars today!


Can you update your caterpillar diary today – Day 12

Maths - Number


This we are going to continue with our work on counting forwards and back extending to 20 if able to.  

Today we are going to use a story to help with our maths. The following address is a lovely audio telling of the story.

This web address is a Makaton signed version of the story – I thought the children might like to learn some of the signs for the story.



Makaton Signed Story: Mr Gumpy's Outing by Singing Hands

Here's one of our favourite books - Mr Gumpy's Outing! #MakatonSignedStories - a gentle story and one man and his day out with a menagerie of animals - what ...

Thinking about Mr Gumpy’s outing today …. Can you find something to use as a boat to put somethings in.

Some ideas – a empty box

Build one from blocks

Build it from Lego / Duplo

Draw one

Inside / on your boat can you put in the characters, the goat, the calf, the chicken, the sheep, the pig, the dog, the cat, the rabbit, the 2 children and Mr Gumpy.
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