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Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning Year Five!

Welcome back to school home learning, I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed it despite being kept safe at home.

This is our brand new page just for today: 20th April 2020

You will find our lessons for the day as well as finding out something incredible that happened on this day in history. 

Miss S says You Can Do It!

ON THIS DAY: 20th April

In 1611, the first known performance of Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth, at the Globe Theatre in London happened on this day. We will be learning more about Macbeth later on in the term!



Let's ease ourselves back into the school week with some Harry Potter Yoga! Relaxing and will get you ready for today's work. 

English: Reading 

Below is a piece of text all about Greta Thunberg.

Read through it and check any language you are not sure about with an adult. 

It is quite a long text, so if you're not confident read it through with an older sibling or adult. 



Now you have read through the text- have a look at the language and see if you can find the meaning of these different words: 

1) disproportionate 

2) dismayed

3) halt

4) pestered

5) monumental

6) naive


The link below takes you to an online dictionary for children: 


You now have a choice of Good or Awesome questions to answer about Who is Greta Thunberg? 


Choose wisely!


The answers are also included so please make sure you only look at the questions until you are ready to mark them. . 


Have a go at these arithmetic questions: 

1) 65284 + 12474

2) 4/5 + 2/10

3) 538 x 3


Here are the answers: 


Today we are learning about percentages. 

We are going to be thinking about what percentages are, you have probably seen them and even used them yourselves. 

Think about percentage of a battery left on a phone, or when loading a game on a device it tells you the percentage that is left. 


Have a look at the link below and read it through, it explains all about percentages and how to do the work.

Now have a look at the file below with the work on it. 

Work your way through, and be careful to count the squares accurately!



Today we are starting our work on Pentecost. 

Have a look at the keywords below and make sure you understand what they mean. 

We start this unit by thinking about how energy can be changed and transformed into things that are good. Think back to our recent trip to Shoreham power station, all that machinery that power all the gadgets and devices you are using to read these words!

The energy and power that we have within us can also be transformed into things that are good, just look at the way people have helped support each other throughout the country and world at the moment:

Have you been joining in with the clap for carers?

How else could we transform our energy into something positive at this time?


Here is a story for you to watch and is the focus of our work today, it took place shortly after Jesus’ death and resurrection:

The apperance of Christ on the road to Emmaus

A chance to see a version of the story of Jesus' appearance on the road to Emmaus.

The Road to Emmaus Art

The Real Road to Emmaus

Work on the Road to Emmaus

On this storyboard, add key information and the thoughts and feelings of the people in the story. 


As you go begin to think about these questions, answering on your page where possible: 

  • What do you think the disciples meant and what were their expectations, when they said ‘ the Promised One who would set Israel free’?
  • What was it about the ‘breaking of bread’ that made the disciples recognise Jesus?
  • How did the disciples feel when they first recognised the Risen Christ?
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