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Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning Year 2,


I hope you have had a fun and safe Easter Holiday! 

We are starting a new topic all about Grace Darling this half term. Top tip! If you're finding it hard to remember the story of Grace Darling, try acting it out with your grown-up(s) at home.

Check out your learning pack below to find out what you'll be learning about today and tomorrow.

Make sure you use the videos, on this page to help you with your learning today. There are videos about Grace Darling and a link to a video to help you with your Maths. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Maths link.


Joke of the day - Why did the biscuit go to the doctor? Because he felt crummy!

The life and work of Grace Darling (dramatisation) | BBC History - True Stories

Suitable for teaching 5-11s. Grace Darling tells the story of her life as a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, and describes the night she and her father rowed out in their tiny boat to save nine sailors from drowning.

The Story of Grace Darling | Primary History | BBC Teach

Famous Victorian Grace Darling and her brave sea rescue off the Farne Islands in 1838. Grace Darling is remembered for the rescue she undertook with her father in the Farne Islands in 1838. The SS Forfarshire had broken up on rocks within sight of the lighthouse at Longstone, which was home to Grace and her parents. Grace was determined to undertake a rescue immediately but was persuaded by her father to wait until morning and better light. Grace and her father then set out through the stormy sea and collected some of the survivors. They rowed back to Longstone Lighthouse where Grace and her mother looked after the survivors while her father returned to the shipwreck to collect the last of the survivors. Grace soon found herself celebrated in print...even Queen Victoria wrote to her with a reward. Today Grace's memorial can be found in the churchyard at Bamburgh, where there is also a museum about her.

The Grace Darling Story - By The Year 2 children at Peel Hall Primary School

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The Story of Grace Darling

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The Story of Grace Darling

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