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Monday 1st June


As we begin our work on William Shakespeare. 

Our comprehension work for today focuses on finding out a bit more about the man himself!


There is only one level of this Shakespeare comprehension so give it your best shot. 


Find out what these words mean in the William Shakespeare comprehension: 

  • humble
  • grammar school
  • ignited
  • poaching
  • plague
  • coronation procession 
  • bizarrely



Today we are looking at adding fractions, something you were all amazing at a few months ago when we first looked at it! A lot of the work this week will be looking at fraction revision. 


Have a watch of the video below, and then try the sheets. 

Year 5 - Week 5 - Add and subtract fractions


As we start a focus on the Wonderful World of William Shakespeare, it is important we understand a little of what it was like to live in the world that Shakespeare lived in. Today our history work is going to focus on the life of Queen Elizabeth I and why she has been considered one of the country's greatest monarchs. 

Have a look at the information on the slides below!

Now you have read a little more about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth I, have a go at the task below. 

Read through the descriptions and observations people had about Elizabeth I and see if you can then recreate a portrait of her from her early reign and then later on towards the end of her reign. 



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