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Monday 1st June

This week’s focus – This week we will be looking at our learning through the story of The Rainbow fish.

(I hope you all got my email - Sunday 31st May)


Personal Social and Emotional Development - Changes

Our new topic is called Changes – we are going to be thinking about changes that are happening in our lives in the next few months (moving onto new year groups) and the changes that we have made over the last year - since we began our life in Reception.

Make sure you have smiled at everyone in your house / classroom today. (pass the smile)

Can you think back to your first day in Reception?  I can certainly recall your reactions on my home visits, coming in for story session and your first week in the classroom – What do your families remember?

Discuss with the children how they felt when they first came to Reception.

•              Can you remember your first day?

•              What did it feel like?

•              How did your body feel?

•              What did your face look like?

•              What did you do to make yourself feel better about it all being so new?

•              What helped you get used to these changes?

Do you have a photograph that may help to trigger the memory?

At St. Peter’s we are now thinking about our new little friends joining us in September. (I know it is very strange and as parents it must feel very unusual.)

I would like to put together a collection of comments for the children and the parents to help them with the settling in process as they are having a very different experience to all of you this time last year.   

Could you collect any thought or comments from the people in your house about:

 ‘Good ideas to help you get used to Reception’.

Please send in you quotes – typed or written by the children and then photographed – Please take your time on this – you have all week.

Physical - Fine motor development

If you would like to continue with the handwriting patterns this week. You were doing tunnels before half term- now it is a chance to do long and short sides on your tunnels.  (These will help for ascender letters – the letters that travel up, beyond the line. –l and t.) Watch the clip and then have a go!

PDF of picture. See how many you can do in a row – can you keep them all the same size?

Handwriting pattern to follow

Communication Language and Literacy

This weeks book is The Rainbow Fish, I hope you enjoy it.

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

This is a lovely retelling of the story for you to watch and listen to.
I have also attached a PDF fact sheet for parents – it may be of some interest to you?

Some helpful information for the grown ups.


Well done for tackling a_e before half term – we have our next split vowel diagraph sound.

i_e – nice smile. We have come across this sound in set 2 ‘igh’ fly high. The children may or may not remember it – it may be worth getting out your flash cards – or using the sheets on Oxford Owl to show them. (to remind them) I have attached the RWI sheet for you on a PDF have a read – see if you can read the new words?


The Read Write Inc resource sheet

Alphablocks : Mine - Series 4 - Episode 07

The Alphablocks are going to help us with the sound. Have a watch – can you remember any of the words afterwards- watch more than once if you need to!


Today's writing task is linked with your PSED task.  Make sure you use all of your great writing skills.


Maths - Number

Before the half term holidays we looked at doubling the concept of doubling goes alongside halving – this is the pre-requisite for multiplication and division. Children in Early years are very aware of the statement ‘that’s not fair’ as we discovered in PSED last term.  They know when there is not the same amount and when someone else has more than them. So the early foundations for halving are there. (generally speaking) We begin this topic by looking at equal parts.

To start you off today - have a look at things being cut in half – lunchtime is a perfect time to explore this – food being cut in half on the plate. Cucumber, apple, orange slices or whole, toast, sandwiches, cake, pizza… etc, have an explore.

I have attached a PDF for halving toys – a home learning task for you to try.

Expressive Arts

Can you make some puppets today to help you retell the story of the Rainbow Fish – you may take a few days to do this  - it can be an ongoing project for you.

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