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Monday 1st June 2020

Home learning for 1st June 2020


Hello Year 4, I hope you had a lovely half term. I have outlined your tasks for today. Let me know if you have any worries or concerns.



Let’s start off the day with a little bit of activity! Decide if you would like to join in with Joe Wickes, practise some dances on GoNoddle, do a little bit of yoga on Cosmic Kids or practise your times tables simultaneously with Super Movers! You can access the links on the Year 4 home page.


Guided reading:

This term, we are going to be looking at the book ‘The Song of the Dolphin Boy.’ It is really important that you listen along to a chapter each day, as some of our English work will be based around it. It is a lovely book; which I know you will enjoy, as it’s about having a positive influence on our world (something I know lots of you are passionate about!).


THINK about the following questions:

  • How would Finn feel not being invited to the party?
  • Was the party a success?
  • Have you ever felt left out?
  • Who are the main characters? What are they like? (It might be a good idea to draw a quick picture of all the characters to help you remember who’s who!)


We are starting the week with a reading comprehension. However, for the rest of the week we will be focusing on grammar!


I don’t know if you have recognised more wildlife around during this time? I have been reading lots of reports about how animals are getting braver! In my garden, we have lots of birds who like to sing each morning, at about 4:30am. I don’t think we have anything more exciting than a few pigeons and a robin, but, after reading this information, I am going to keep my eyes out for a few of these birds now! Choose the level which suits you best.


Today we are looking at identifying angles. Now I know that many of you are experts at this, even though we haven’t specifically looked at it yet this year.

There are a few key words you need to know:

Acute: an angle which is smaller than 90 degrees (this means that it is smaller than the corner of a piece of paper).

Right angle: this means the angle IS 90 degrees (it is exactly the same size the corner of a piece of paper).

Obtuse: an angle which is larger than 90 degrees (this means the angle is more than the corner of a piece of paper).

Straight line: This is equal to 180 degrees, as you have two right angles next to each other. 90 +90 =180


Have a listen to my favourite educational song, to help you remember the angles!

Types of Angles Song.wmv


We are starting a new topic about Building Bridges today. I don’t want to give too much away, but today you are thinking about how YOU can build bridges.

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