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Monday 11th May learning tasks

This week’s focus –

This week we will be looking at our learning through the information book – Seed to Sunflower from the Life cycles scheme. I have photographed the pages for you to follow. It is in our story time page (the badger face on the Reception class page)

Personal Social and Emotional Development - Relationships


This week we are going to think about all the things in our lives that are sometimes unfair on us! Not getting the last biscuit. Having to wait for story time, needing to talk to mummy or daddy first, having to share a toy, wanting to go left but everyone else wants to go right! Having to walk when your feet hurt, wanting to stay up late, not getting to eat sweets every day, not being able to watch your favourite TV programme, the list goes on, I’m sure you could add some in!

Each day I would like you to draw a picture of something that is not fair.  (You could fit all 5 on one page.) Or you could write the sentence to go with your idea – or your grown up could write it for you.  I look forward to seeing them at the end of the week – you may be relating your work to personal experience or someone who you may have heard about – if you are really struggling think back (or listen back) to the stories from the last 2 weeks about Nina and Tom.


Physical Development

Don’t forget to get your daily exercise, hope you are all keeping fit!


Physical Development - Fine Motor skills:

I would like to continue with the handwriting patterns this week. If you have mastered the eee pattern from last week have a look at the spiral shape for this week have a go!

PDF of picture. You can draw these patterns anywhere – make them into a picture – a snail shell, a lollypop, a firework, a helter-skelter slide, hand windmills…. I have attached the work sheet for you to look at but there is no need to print it.

Seed to Sunflower

Seed to Sunflower 1

Communication Language and Literacy with Reading



This week’s book is an information book about the life cycle of a seed growing into a sunflower. (don't forget it is under the Badger on the class page)  An information book has a very different page layout to a fiction / story book. What can you tell your grown up about some of the features that you can see?

I have put together the book in photographs to have a look at a few sections each day. This will be a part of you reading and Communication and Language this week.


The reading skill this week is to talk about the features of an information book.

Some of the things the children may identify.



Photographs, the way the text is laid out, small and big pictures, captions and words in different colour boxes, some writing and pictures in different shapes. Some of the pictures are in close up, titles on every page, you can read a set of pages in any order. You learn something new from reading it.






This week we are looking at the next sound in set 3 ‘oi’ – remember it is a sound they know but it is a different spelling pattern so it is confusing – It may take some time, please be patient, so the pictures on the cards are vital to help this. Please check out Mr English’s resources on the class page.

Sound: ‘oi’ spoil the boy.

I have attached the ’oi’ sheet from Read Write Inc to help you get started today. PDF


oi spoil the boy RWI task sheet



A brief note about what the caterpillars are up to today - Day 19

Maths - Numbers to 20

A new mini topic for maths this week – counting to 20. Get counting any time any place numbers up to 20 –

You don’t have to start at 1 each time!

Start at 10 etc. Count the things on the table, taking the blocks out of the box, putting them away again, tidy up time how many are there. Sharing out the grapes / raisins/ peas!

What else can you count? Footsteps /how long it takes you to go upstairs / length of time to walk from the front to the back of the house, amount of time to find your shoes, do up your shoes, put on your hoodie, just a few ideas.

A song for you -  


Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

Let's sing and count to 20 in this fun children's song! Purchase this video to view offline Mac or Windows click here: Original song by Matt http://www.dream...

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