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Having confidence in maths is important.  At St Peter's we begin using practical equipment to develop understanding right at the beginning. We offer specialist support to Early Years and KS1 in the use of Numicon and other resources.  By supporting and ensuring that the essential basics are in place, we find that the children are able to move on to more formal methods with confidence.  We have developed and use a calculation continuum to carefully plan when specific operations and methods should be used.  We cover a broad curriculum and regularly plan maths investigations.  Maths is taught across the curriculum.  It is a very important element of design and technology as well as Science.

We encourage fluency with daily mental maths tasks.  Games are popular and we encourage parents to play them with their children at home. We strive to learn tables and use ICT to motivate the children.  We regularly assess skills and concepts and offer support when needed.  

Our aim is for our pupils to become confident mathematicians and interested in how maths affects their world.

Progression in Calculations Policy


For a more detailed look at how calculations are taught within school, refer to the Calculations Policy below. This is used by teachers to ensure a progressive and comprehensive approach to the teaching, learning and application of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from Reception to Year 6.

Helping your Child in Maths Booklets


At St Peter's, we have devised maths booklets to enable you to support your child in maths. Each year group has its own support booklet available below. Within these booklets are the expectations for each year group, useful ideas and activities to bring maths learning to life at home and examples of the progression in calculations used within school.




Useful Website links to support your Maths at home


For fun and interactive games and songs to support your child's learning in maths, visit one of the website links below.

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