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Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe

Keeping our children safe is extremely important to us and the school has a number of policies to keep children safe and well.


NSPCC and Keeping Safe

The NSPCC have visited St Peter's to share assemblies and workshops with the children on how to keep themselves safe.  


Support for Parnets/Carers -


The Underwear Rule (including free resources) -


Personal Safety - Sussex Police Advice  

Sussex Police have also shared with us guidance on personal safety for children - see document below.  Please speak to your children about not talking to strangers and, if approach,ed, consider the following actions -

  • Watch out for cars that are following you;
  • Never get into a car with a person you don't know;
  • Never approach a person you don't know sitting in a car;
  • Stay strong, saying no is not wrong;
  • Never tell a stranger your name or address;
  • Don't believe what strangers tell you;
  • Don't accept gifts, treats or sweets from strangers;
  • If a stranger makes you feel unsafe, always 'yell and tell' - Yell 'help' or 'I don't know you' to get someone's attention.  Then tell someone what has happened.
  • If you have a phone - use it - dial 999.
  • Know a safe place - a safe place is somewhere that has someone you can trust and talk to, such as a school, shop, police station or friend's house.


Stranger Danger



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