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Home Learning Week of 30th March 2020

Happy Easter!

Have a lovely Easter break. If you wish, look through the Powerpoint below to talk about the Easter story with your children over Holy Week next week.

Home learning beginning Monday 30th March 2020


Mr English is your point of contact this week. Please contact him on


Do not worry about printing everything out - it is a good idea for children to carry out some of the learning practically or record it themselves.


Please find the resources and links for the learning this week - many come from Twinkl - a resource that many teachers use. They are offering free membership this month, so you may wish to sign up for them.

Suggested timetable for the week commencing 30th March


The main focus for this week’s learning is shape – so the stories are about shape, the retelling and discussions are about shape books and the language will be about shapes and their properties.  Shape is such a huge area for children and it is about a whole set of vocabulary that does not come into our daily lives – unless we make it.


Please continue to talk about money from last week - it is such a tricky concept for some children, by keeping it in your everyday vocabulary and conversation will really help them.


The following set of books have been recommended by our National Maths scheme for early years. I have not come across them before but they are really lovely – the YouTube films show the whole page of the text so if you would rather read them with your child you can and just put the film on silent. They are called the Shape collection by – MacBarnett and Jon Kalssen.

SQUARE by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Circle by Mac Barnett

This book is about Circle. This book is also about Circle's friends, Triangle and Square.

The Shapes Song

It's a shapes song. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins.

Shapes Song 2

A shapes song for children.

Shape Song

Shapes | Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

Zach and Reggie notice that shapes are literally everywhere! Shapes is a fun, educational song teaching children how to see shapes in everything you see.

Teaching your children 2D shapes.

Children are encouraged to see 2-D shapes on the flat faces of 3-D shapes - they begin to name some common shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. It is important to show the shapes in different orientations: give the children the chance to look at shapes and as them to tell you what is the same and what is different.



Some good things to ask when looking at shape:

Are the sides straight or curved?

Can you see any other shapes like this?

What it the shape when it is turned? Is it still the same?

Can you see the 2D shape on one of the faces of a 3D shape?

How many of each shape can you see?

Can you count the triangles? Squares? Circles etc.


Can you make your own pictures?

Which shapes did you use? Why?

Go on a shape hunt around the house. What did you see? Can you put them into groups? What makes them the same? What makes them different?


Patterns and shapes

Use shapes to create a different shape or pattern: a tangram.

Learning Animals With Tangram Puzzle for Kids - Fun Easy Learning

In this fun Tangram Puzzle video for children, kids can learn animal names whilst solving the Tangram riddles. Can you guess the animals?


Please keep up your daily reading - use a variety of books – you to read to the children, them to read to you, if it is a favourite they could maybe perform it?


Keep going with the red words – you are doing really well.


We are looking back at all of the phonics that we have learnt so far.  I have attached a word search that you might like to do. There are two different ones, one trickier than the other.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ou/ in pound

Long vowel pair OU Sound Song

Personal Social and Emotional development

The link below is a story with animals in that have been made out of shapes – but it has a PSED lesson in it about being kind, using nice words and looking after each other. (it may be of some support now you have reached Week Two of home learning! )

SHAPES "A Bear Hug"

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