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Home learning Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April!

It is the 1st April - April Fools Day - hopefully no one has played a trick on you yet and you will get through the day unscathed.

For those wondering why we have an April Fools Day, take a look at:

Moving on from April Fools, it is time to look at your learning for the day.


Please remember to record any work that you can in your home learning books - you do not necessarily have to print out the worksheets.



The pattern today are words ending in either -ibe or -able - very similar sounding, but spelt slightly differently. Here are some links to help you recall which is which:

-able or -ible

How do you know whether to use 'ible' or 'able' at the end of words?

Now you can attempt the -able and -ible work below.


Today, you are looking at conjunctions - words that join clauses together. By the end of this work, you will be experts at identifying whether a conjunction is coordinating or subordinating!

Choose one or more of the activities in the pack below:

Great at Grammar Kahoot

Do not forget the Kahoot challenge - you have until 4:00pm on Friday to take it and see what happens next in the saga of 'Nigel'. You can retake it as well if you are unhappy with your first score. Please make sure that you choose a name that is not too silly.


Well done on your work with place value this week, you have all work hard on this. Today, we are going to use that know in rounding numbers.


Remember the rounding rules:

  • Look at the number to the right of the number you are rounding to.
  • If it is four or less, round down.
  • It is five or more, round up.


It is simple! Have a peek at the resources below to help you:

Rounding Decimals Song | by Olympic Squirrel

Rounding numbers

Rounding to nearest 1, 10, 100, 1000 and to a certain number of decimal places.

Topic work: Science

Today, you are going to review your understanding of light and shadow and to explore how light travels.


Look through the slides about light and how it travels below:

Work through the activities provided 1A and 1B:


  • 1A Complete the mind map to show your understanding of light. Make sure you use all of key vocabulary in the boxes at the top and bottom of the page. Remember to look up the definitions of any words you are unsure about.
  • 1B Fill in the gaps to show your understanding of light and shadow. Once you’ve completed this, draw the shadows on the correct places in the diagrams


Challenge: Try activity 1C


You must be looking forward to your thirty minutes reading! Do not forget that you can take quizzes at home now. I am looking forward to sending reading point achieved certificates to lots of you soon!

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