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Home learning Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello Year Six and welcome to Tuesday 31st March. I hope that you enjoy your home learning activities today.



We are continuing place value today. Both of the activities can be recorded in your home working books and you do not need to print the sheets out.


Firstly, the ‘Placing Counters’ task. Choose from one of the three levels and think about the questions, using the counter grid to support you. Remember some of the questions may have more than one possible answer.

Here is the short maths test for today.

Remember, you do not have to print this out. Look at the questions on the screen if you wish and write your answers and workings out in your home learning books.



The spelling pattern for today is ‘ous’. Remember to take care over your writing, to make sure all your letters can be seen clearly.


Today is one of your favourites – active and passive voice!


Here are some resources to support you. Take a look at the video and/ or PowerPoint if you wish. Then take on one or both of the activities. You should be able to record your work in your home learning books.

What are active and passive sentences? | Oxford Owl

Learn the difference between active verbs and passive verbs, and how active sentences and passive sentences are used.

Active versus Passive Voice

This short video provides a brief introduction into the differences between active and passive voice when writing sentences.

Topic: Crime and Punishment

Do not forget, today is the last day to be looking at your crime and punishment work.

Here is the link again to the information.



Great at Grammar comes to your home! Click on the link to take part in the Great at Grammar for the week. You must complete this by Friday at 4:00 before the challenge closes.


Good luck!

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