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Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome to everything you need for Monday 30th March!


Please note: you do not have to necessarily print everything out. Children are welcome to answer questions or respond to work in their work books that they have taken home. This will help save you ink and paper!


Here are your learning activities for Monday 30th March.

Well done for all your hard work last week, I hope that you are ready for Week Two.

Physical exercise

Remember to get some exercise today. Joe Wicks may be challenging – but try to keep it up.

P.E with Joe

Click on the video and hopefully you can find the workout from Monday linked to it.


Today, you will be looking at place value and dividing numbers by ten or one hundred to make decimal numbers. Please run the PowerPoint below and follow the questions that it contains.

Once you have done that, choose from the three pixie measuring sheets and carry out the activity where you imagine that you be shrunk to Pixie size You will need a ruler or a tape measure for this activity.


The following video does not contain any pixies, but does contain helpful information about dividing by ten and one hundred.

Divide decimals by 10 or 100



Today is punctuation task – a short recap of apostrophes ready for a poster tomorrow.

When to use apostrophes

This is a useful recap for apostrophes.

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

This clip focuses upon apostrophes for possession.

Topic Work: Geography

We are thinking about explorers and the job of a Sherpa. Think about the characteristic needed for this hard job – read the information included and fill in the sheet with your ideas.


Remember your twenty-five minutes a day. Some of you have already quizzed last week – well done. There are three weeks left before targets are reset – so that is three weeks left to get your reading token for the second half of spring term. Try to make sure that you have got your target – do not miss out your chance to win the Big Big Grand Prize Draw!

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