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Home Learning Monday 20th April

Welcome Year 6

I hope you have had a great Easter break and are safe and ready to start your home learning for this term.


Please remember that Miss Cappella and Mr English are here to support your learning and are contactable via email - they are happy to help!


It's the start of the Summer Term. Our topic focus for this term is Blood, Bones and Body bits.

Picture 1

Within this topic, we will be learning all about the human body. Personally, I really enjoy this topic and hope that you will enjoy it just as much.  I named this topic after the Horrible Science book (see above). If you can get hold a copy, give this book a read. It’s interesting, informative and gory!

Topic - What’s inside your body? (Day 1)

If you were to look inside a human body what would you see?


Below is a link with a template of a body attached. I want you to print this out and to draw what you think is inside the body. The challenge is to only add information you know – DO NOT ASK OTHERS OR LOOK ONLINE!


Think carefully about:

  • What is inside the body – the things you cannot see (e.g. your heart)
  • The position and size of any organs etc.
  • Labelling anything you draw onto the body.
  • How you colour in what you have drawn.


This is my favourite lesson as it’s great to see what you already know about the human body. I will also share any particularly funny ideas with you all!

Human Body Template



Today we we be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Before you start working though the questions set, you may want to take a look at the website link below to help you before you get started.







Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.

There is also a 10 minute test, try to stick to the time if you can. 

The answers are attached so you can check your work. Enjoy!

Great at Grammar challenge

We are very happy to be able to present you with next Kahoot grammar challenge. You have until Friday at 4:00pm to complete it. Good luck!

PE with Joe Wicks

Get your body moving and have a 30 minute fun PE session with the Body Coach himself, Joe Wicks. I know lots of you have been accessing YouTube and taking part in his daily PE sessions anyway - well done!

You can take part in the session live at 9am or below is a link to YouTube where you will find all of the PE sessions available (just look for the one with Monday 20th April in the title). 

This day in history: 20th April 1862


First pasteurization test completed by French scientists Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard.

Louis Pasteur - Scientist | Mini Biography

Watch a short biography video of Louis Pasteur, who is best known for his development of pasteurization and vaccines for rabies and anthrax.

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