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Home Learning Friday 24th April

Friday is here! Below is your home learning activities for the day. It's almost the weekend!


Your contact today will be Mr English, he will be happy to support you in your learning.


Today we will be continuing to look at Tables, Charts and graphs.

Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.

There is also a 10 minute test, try to stick to the time if you can. 

The answers are attached so you can check your work. Good luck!

Reading Graphs

You may wish to look at some of the different types of graphs and where they are used in the video below. You may notice that graphs have many different names for what you may have seen before.

Graphing challenge!


Optional challenge: this is a chance for you to turn the tables on me with home learning! Using your graphing knowledge, make a line or bar graph - or even a pie chart - showing information of your choice. Use your family for data collecting, think about something that interests you or perhaps plot how much time you take, on average, per subject in home learning.


Once you have created your graph, create some questions to go with it and send them to me. I will do my best to answer them and send it back to you for marking!

Grammar Challenge


Do not forget that today is the last day that you can take the second instalment of the Kahoot Great at Grammar challenge. At the time of writing this (Thursday 11:01) only six people have 100% - and the legendary 'JHKRZDERSYVJYJ' has the highest score. Do you best and see if you can either beat JHKRZDERSYVJYJ or at least get 100%! You can find it at the address below:

Writing Task


Today, your focus is to ensure that you are happy with what you have written so far, in order for your writing to ready to continue next week. This means editing!


In order to do this properly, I would like you to take time and care over this - read your work aloud. I would like you to do this three times, with a different focus each time.


Start by looking at the structure of your work and check:

  • Does your writing flow? Do sections link together logically and move on from each other?
  • Have you varied sentence structure so it reads with a considered rhythm?


Next, look for punctuation and grammar elements:

  • Have you used tenses consistently? Be careful when checking for this - many of you are guilty of not doing this!
  • Have you shown off your punctuation skills? Are there times when you could have used a dash, colon or even a semi-colon?


Lastly, check for spellings!



As you are doing this, use a black pen to edit and constantly improve your work. If a part does not work and is proving hard to edit - be brutal and rewrite it. Be relentless in your approach. Please do send me your draft so far for this week, I am looking forward to seeing how you have done and will be happy to share ideas. It would be lovely to see some examples of your work on the website for next week, as we are not together to share work as we usually do.

Art – Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls (Day 2)


Complete the design you started yesterday. 


Remember to:

  • Use bright colours
  • Include similar design ideas: flowers, crosses, leaves etc.
  • Outline the design in a black pen – it really makes it stand out!


Please take a picture of your finished design and email it to me.

This day in history: 1184 BC

1184 BC The Greek army supposedly defeats the Trojan army by entering the city of Troy hidden in a wooden horse.

Drawn History: The Trojan War

Everyone knows how the Trojan War ended: with a bunch of guys piling out of a giant horse. But the events of the war itself have been debated extensively... how did it all start?

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