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Home Learning for Tuesday 21st April 2020

Learning for Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Reception - I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday.  It is one of my favourites. Oliver was very cautious about eating vegetables and his favourite food was chips.  Oliver learnt where chips actually come from.  What do you know about potatoes? 


Personal Social and Emotional Development


Taking turns – Can you make sure everyone has a chance to talk today – if you need to hold something (a toy / a stone) to make sure you get your turn. This is a skill we use at school in circle time the children pass the item around the circle and if they are holding it they get their chance to talk – it is to develop the listening skills of the others as well as just the speaking skills of the holder. Try this when sitting at the table or when there is a group of you together. It is a good activity to try if there is more than one child in the house and both children want to talk! Or two adults in the house and your child wants to talk.



To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.

Communication Language and Literacy


Read Oliver’s Vegetables again today. Share it with your grown up – can you remember what comes next in the story – or what Oliver turns the vegetables into?



Share a favourite story with your grown up today.  Have a go at spotting all of those new words.




Can you keep a diary of all the vegetables that you eat today?  Write them in your work book.  Put them under the title of each meal or snack.  Are there any that you are eating for the first time?  Did you have some that you didn’t know you had eaten – because it was in something? Tread carefully with this one grown up’s – Obviously don’t disclose any of your secret recipes.


Maths - Shape Space and Measures


Continue with our pattern work from yesterday –

Start with a new song today:

Patterns and Colors Children's Song | Green Orange Shapes Patterns | Patty Shukla

Learn patterns using colors and shapes in a fun kids song Green, orange shapes in patterns. Patterns Song. Sing along to the pattern and learn what's next. P...

If you have some blocks of some kind it would be very useful – Lego / Duplo / building bricks – something that you have a few of the same – preferably colours.  If you don’t have any blocks you could cut out coloured paper - or draw it on paper and colour it in in preparation.  The aim is to have some things the same so they can build a physical pattern.

Spend about 10 minutes playing with the resources to create the patterns today. If you start one can your child finish it off? If you make one can they finish if off? Can you create them for other people in your family? If it is not correct can they explain why it is incorrect - Make sure you try AB and ABC patterns.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World.


If we were in school, we would be going to the shops to have a look at the country of origin of the produce and the variety.  But as we are home learning - have a look in your kitchen and at the PowerPoint I have attached. Have a look at the power point of where do fruits and vegetables come from.

Also have a look at the links I have put for some Cbeebies programmes you may find interesting (if you are not already familiar with them)

 My World Kitchen  and   Down on the Farm.

The Carrot Club - Where do fruits and vegetables come from?

Expressive Arts

You can carry on adding to your garden design today.


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