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Home Learning for Monday 20th April

Welcome to the Summer term Reception

We will be looking at Growing this term - plants, animals and the world around us in this topic. I have a special delivery due on Friday which I will keep you posted about. I also plan to use our YouTube channel this term  - I will send a message when I have.  There will be stories, learning skills and little films to watch to help you with your learning in this unusual time of learning.


This week we will be looking at our learning through the story Oliver’s Vegetables.  This is a story about a little boy who goes to stay with his Grandad he discovers there are lots of vegetables in the garden that are nice to eat. It opens up a whole new taste sensation for him.

There are lots of versions on YouTube of the story – I found this one – I thought you might like it…

Oliver’s Vegetables story

Personal Social Emotional Development:

Making good relationships – To play a game with rules. Can you follow the rules, make sure you stick to them, even if it means you won’t win. Be happy for someone else who wins.  Talk about the fun you have had and the enjoyment of the game. Play a game you already have or I have attached a new one for you.

An idea – The Gingerbread man game.

Today's Physical Challenge 


Do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.

Communication Language and Literacy


Listen to the Story Oliver’s Vegetables – talk about the story.  Can you remember all of the vegetables Oliver ate? (See address above)




Reading for 20 minutes today. 

Spotting your red words and some of the words you know. Are there any new words?

Why don’t you start a vocabulary word list – a bit like your own personal dictionary. You could even find out some of the meanings of the words if they are unfamiliar or try putting them into a sentence. 



Can you write labels for the vegetables in your fridge / cupboard?

Think about the sounds in all of the words.  What does it start with – remember to form your letter correctly.  If you are unsure tell your grown up what the sound is and they can write it for you first.

Challenge – If you would like to do a bit more and you are up for the challenge can you describe the vegetable? ‘The smooth cucumber’, ‘The firm tomato’, ‘The hard potato’.

Have a go I would love to see your writing.

Maths  - Shape Space and Measures.

Our next mini unit is Geometry – Making simple patterns.

Guidance for teaching patterns:

When children are creating simple patterns focus on AB (2 things) and ABC (3 things) patterns. Encourage your child to say their pattern out loud. The children need to be given the opportunities to explore patterns in a range of contexts including shapes, colours, sizes, actions and sounds.  Encourage them to build it vertically and horizontally. 

Start with this song.

AAB Pattern Song - Musical Math

This is just one of three different patterning songs included in the Musical Math DVD. Children love this song for fun motions and words, like "Chug, chug, c...

Now your turn…

Start with an oral pattern – red lorry, yellow lorry – repeat. Try changing your speed, fast and slow, it can be a real tongue twister.

Demonstrate a physical pattern – clap, tap your knees – repeat. Try to copy.

Punch left, punch right – repeat.

Say the pattern as you do it – can your child create a new one – can you copy them. (just 2 moves at the moment)

Once they have got it try three steps – ABC

Tap knees, tap shoulders, tap head – tap knees, tap shoulders, tap head – repeat.

Next try a ABC – word pattern – in, out, up – repeat

Use the prior learning to help build patterns – circle, square, triangle….

Phonics patterns – ch, sh, th, repeat.

Be creative – use favourite toys, foods, sweets, family members, pets, countries, stories…. The list is endless – have fun.  Keep coming back to it throughout the day – it is a good game for the dinner table.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Religion


Last week we celebrated Easter Sunday, I hope you had a lovely time with your families. You may have got some chocolate – I hope you enjoyed it! I had some, it was delicious – especially as I had not had any for 6 weeks!

The season of Easter continues until Sunday 31st May – Hope you can stretch out your chocolate until then – a little bit a day!!

In class I had planned for us to create an Easter Garden.  This would be a place where we can think and pray.  It can be as big or as small as you like. In a plant pot, in a cup, on a plate or drawn on paper.  This is a task for the week. So if you are out and about on your daily walk you may see something that would be nice to add – a photo, a drawing.

Below is the web address for some craft ideas- 


Expressive Arts


Can you draw out your vegetable patch - If you would like to use collage materials to make your garden 3D

 - be creative, use what you have around you.  (drawing a picture is fine)

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