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Friday 8th May 2020

Welcome to your home learning for Friday 8th May 2020!


Today is a bank holiday! To celbrate this, we are going to do  learn about VE day. Follow the Powerpoint below to find out about this momentous day and then choose an activity that you will enjoy.



Now pick from one/some of the activities listed below:


  • During WWII people had to ration. Research and find out what each person was entitled to. What would you miss most from what you enjoy eating today?                                  
  • You are a soldier, who has survived the war! Write a letter to your loved ones at home to tell them about your experience and to reassure them that you are safe. You won’t be able to make it to the celebrations, but you should be home soon.
  • The British Government want to throw a party to celebrate VE day. They have put you in charge of organising it. They are considering a street party. What will you do? What will you eat? What special events will happen? What decorations will you need? Which special guests can you invite? Write all of your ideas down, to see if you can sell it to the government.
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