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Friday 8th May

Reception learning for Friday 8th May


Good morning Reception, it is Friday.  Well today is an official bank holiday to celebrate a special anniversary for VE day. I have put some activities in for today as it is a slightly different day – Check in on the caterpillars and share a book with a grown up and then if you like you can choose from one or two of the activities below.

Caterpillar update

It is day 16 today. Make sure you check in to see what they are up to!

VE Day 75th Anniversary

This is obviously a slightly bizarre concept for your little people to understand. The following clips are purely for you to look at if you wish - film clips that you may want to show a snippet from just to use as a talking point or a matter of interest.


Today is obviously a much more scaled down event compared to what the country had originally planned. I have found a few things that you may want to show or do with your children to mark this historic day. 


The following link is to a short 6 minute film I found on YouTube.  Just to have it rolling without any sound to talk about with the children – It shows a street party from 1945.  They may find the children’s clothes interesting – how they are all sitting at the tables – really squashed in! (No social distancing needed!)

VE and VJ Day Street Parties on Ridsdale Road, Anerley SE20 (1945)

In these amateur films from Bromley Archives, local filmmaker Cyril Rickert captured the street parties held for VE and VJ Day on Ridsdale Road. The VE Day c...

VE Day London (1945)

(Color, Silent) Courtesy: Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. National Archives and Records Administration (NAR...

VE Day Buckingham Palace (1945)

War Pictorial News Newsreel Crowds cheer Winston Churchill, King George, Queen Elizabeth, and other members of the royal family as they appear outside Buckin...

Decorate your window

One thing we are great in this country for doing is a street party – I am sure under normal circumstances they would be planned and celebrated today to make the 75th Anniversary of VE Day – but because of our current situation it has to be celebrated in a much more modest way.  I saw a lovely idea from  press release in Scotland where they are decorating their windows to show they are celebrating – If you would like to do it and send me an anonymous picture I can put them on our class page. (Just an idea)

Wartime recipes

Have a look at the recipes – They do make for fascinating reading – just as a point of interest for the children to understand that some ingredients were not available – eggs / sugar was in very short supply. So reading about an eggless cake might make some of our budding bakers question this!

If you are up for the challenge to make one of them I would love to hear how it goes for you? See PDF

Some wartime recipes

Some ideas to make and colour...


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