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Friday 5th June

Good morning Reception welcome to Friday  - well done for all of your hard work this week.

I hope you have a lovely day...


Physical Development – Fine motor control skills

Can you continue with the words from yesterday that have double ascending letters – little, lolly, Polly, fill, full.

Don't forget to check out the short clips on the Fine Motor skills page. (Reception class page)


Communication Language and Literacy


Have another read of The Rainbow Fish today. What can you tell your grown up about the story? I have attached a PDF of pictures from the story.

The Rainbow Fish

It's a wonderful story by Marcus Pfister about friendship and sharing. For this book I didn't want to just narrat...


This game is a real favourite with the children - there are lots of phonics games to use on this website.  It will be our Friday thing –but feel free to explore at other opportunities. 

Although ‘Phonics Play’ has many free resources it is also letting you access all their resources from home for free. 

Username: March 20

Password: home

Maths - Number

A little song from BBC bitesize to get you started today…

I have attached an activity for you to show off your halving skills.

Halving the treasure –

I have attached a PDF for you to look at – again please feel free to make your own, use real items – a bowl could be the treasure box, the coins/ Lego bricks / fish / sweets could go in the bowl / pond/ treasure box… check they have grasped the concept of halving and then if they have can they put the two groups back together to make the whole number again?


A game for you to play about halving the treasure.

Expressive Arts

Can you make an underwater scene from the Rainbow Fish today? There are lots of ways to do this – let the children take the lead. If you have an unwanted box, a shoe box / cereal box you could seal it up and then cut out the front of it - like a picture frame (leaving about 3cm all the way round.  Inside the children could cover it in paper / colour / paint / their ocean. Then hanging / or stuck from the top or back they can create their scene from the Rainbow Fish. Can they create the shiny scales?

I know as you read this it is filling you with dread – please only do this if it is a pleasant experience!

I have attached some PDF’s which may help some of you – but it is much more of a learning experience if the pictures come from the children.

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