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Friday 5th June

It's Friday! Below you will find the home learning activities for the day. Complete these and then it's the weekend!


Today's grammar activity is all about the subject and object of a sentence. What are they? How do you identify them within a sentence? Watch the video below to remind yourself before attempting the task that follows.

Subject and Object

Picture 1

Now you've reminded yourself of what the subject and object of a sentence is, try the questions below. Either print out the sheets or answer the questions in your workbook.


Which task to pick?

EXE is for those of you wanting to try age-related questions.

GDS is for those of you wanted to try working at greater depth questions.

Mathematics: Test Marking

I am afraid that we are going to have to ask you to, once again, mark a pretty shocking test paper. You know what to do:

- Check the answers

- Mark them either correct or incorrect

- Give advice to the candidate.


Good luck! We will discuss some of these questions on our Zoom classroom today!

Water World: How we use water

In this lesson we will be exploring why we need water and how we use it. Why do we need water? How does water help us?

Water usage is key for survival and we use water daily for many different reasons. Read the slides below that will explore how and why we use water on a daily basis.

Now you’ve read upon the way water is used, have a go at the activities below. There is a fact sheet that summarises the key information from the slides and some key questions to answer. If you would like, you can also complete the tally chart to show your personal water usage.

This day in history: 1661

Sir Isaac Newton is admitted as a student to Trinity College, Cambridge. Without him, gravity would not exist and we would all be floating around.

The work of Sir Isaac Newton | Primary Science - SciTube

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