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Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Year One,


Here are the activities for today.


Friday 3rd  April


Physical Education

Remember to start your day with an exercise activity. Choose from a website below or create your own exercise routine to try.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!



Today your literacy task is to write/draw the Easter story. If you need to remind yourself of the Easter story, please use the resources from yesterday. There are a few options for this task. Please choose the option that best suits your child. See the file below for further instructions.



For maths today, there are two reasoning/problem solving questions and a challenge question linked to capacity. The answers are included in the document. Discuss the questions together. Children can draw/write their answers in their workbooks. If your child finds it difficult to record, you are welcome to write down what they say. Please see the file below for the task.




Please test your child on the following spellings: brown, down, clown, train, wait, snail, come, some. When testing your child say the word on its own once and then use the word in a sentence. For example, ‘The big brown cat sat on the wall.’ They can write their spellings in the back of their red spelling books. Please mark their spellings and let us know how they do.



Please play the phonics game below.



This week we have looked at the 'ladder letters' - l, i, t, u, j, y.

Continue to practise any letter(s) your child has found difficult. Make up words using these letters and do patterns; illillill or jujuju.

Refer to your letter formation sheet for further guidance.



Continue to spend some time sharing a book. Don’t forget to record comments in your reading journal.

Optional reading activities.

  • Pick 3 words from your book and explain what they mean.
  • Describe a character from your book.
  • Design a new front cover for your book.




Please complete your observations of your bean plant in your bean diary (week 6). Remember to draw what you can see and write a couple of sentences too. Eg. There are 6 leaves and a very long stem.

Your bean plant might be getting too big for the cup it is in. You might want to transfer it into a larger pot or plant it in your garden.


Other Curriculum Areas


Please continue to select an activity from the Year 1 Foundation Subject Grid. You will find this saved on the pages at the start of the week. 


Thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the activities set for today.


Mrs Collins

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