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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good Morning!

It is the last day of the half term today! 

I would like to thank you for all your hard work this half term. 

Don't forget to quiz if you need to do so!


Today is the last chapter of Percy Jackson until after half term! 

It's a great one, as Percy sets off on his quest to the Underworld....

Chapter 10 - I Ruin A Perfectly Good Bus PT 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Chapter 10 - I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus PT 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Today there is a SPAG mat for you to try! See how much you can have a go at, and if you're unsure have a guess!



So today there is a maths challenge- you should be able to have a try at questions 1-7, the rest of made for Year 6 and beyond!

I will put the answers up later today!

Friday Challenge

Today I would like you to have a listen to some of the more well known Greek myths that are linked below. 


The gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece can be quite grumpy and mean sometimes! They often take vengeance on those who upset them. 


You now need to create your own god or goddess for the Ancient Greek world if it was around today. 

The Greeks had gods and goddesses who were important to factors of their lives such as harvest, wine, travel, the sea. 

In our modern age what would the ancient Greeks want to have a god or goddess of? 

Mobile phones? Takeaway? School?


If you can, draw them and write a short description about them that would be fab! I look forward to hearing all about them!

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