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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning.

It's Friday and the last day before half term!

Here are your activities for today.


Join in with this fun video to help you warm up your brain for home learning!

Electric Slide - Maximo | GoNoodle

RE- Pentecost: The Holy Day

Today we will look at Pentecost which is a Holy day in the Church's year and continues our work in the topic 'Holidays and Holy Days.' The disciples were afraid when Jesus had left them and they had gathered together in one room. The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost changed them. It is a holy day because this gift of the Holy Spirit is very special. The Holy Spirit helps and guides us in our lives just as happened to the disciples. The Holy Spirit appeared to Mary and the disciples like tongues of fire, giving them strength and courage to serve others. 

Watch the Pentecost story below.

The Holy Spirit Comes (Day of Pentecost)

Key Questions

1. Who was in the room when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost?

2. What were the signs of the Holy Spirit? 

3. How do you think Mary and the disciples felt?

4. Why do you think they felt like that?


Your task is to add speech bubbles to the picture below to show what Mary and the disciples might be saying or thinking. You could print the picture out or if you'd prefer not to print, you can draw your own picture in your workbook. 


Please test your child on the following spellings: 

clap- clapped

grab- grabbed

stop- stopped

drag- dragged

trot- trotted

plan- planned


Mark your child's work and let us know how they did.



Continue to work on revising the sounds we have learnt so far. 

The link to the Buried Treasure game is found below.

Read Write Inc- Phonics lesson of the day

You might also like to watch the new, daily Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc phonics lesson.


Continue to practise any letters from the 'ladder letters' that you are having trouble with: lijtuy

If your child is working on pre-cursive letter formation, use the PowerPoint below for the correct letter formation. 


Please try to read for at least 10 minutes each day. Here are the websites with lots of online books to select from:


Try the Friday maths challenge. The most suitable questions for Year 1 are 1 & 2. You only need to try the first two questions. 

Here is an online maths quiz for you to try. 
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