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Friday 22nd May

It's Friday! Below you will find the home learning activities for the day. Complete these and then it's half term!


Today's grammar activity is all about synonyms and antonyms. What are they? What is the difference? Watch the videos below to remind yourself  before attempting the task that follows.

Antonyms and Synonyms

Now you've reminded yourself of what synonyms and antonyms are, try the questions below. Either print out the sheets or answer the questions in your workbook.


Which task to pick?

EXE is for those of you wanting to try age-related questions.

GDS is for those of you wanted to try working at greater depth questions.


Today, I would like you to have a look at another test paper. I am afraid to say that, once again, there might be a few mistakes.


Your job is to mark the paper. If there are any mistakes (there might be one or two) and to correct them.


have a look at the workings - if there are any - and see where the mistakes are. If there are no workings, can you think of what might have gone wrong?


Once you have done that, you can:


- Give a final score (out of thirteen.

- Give one thing that they have done well.

- Give tow things to try to improve.


Good luck!

Geography – Water World (2)

Today we are going to be thinking about the Water Cycle: how it works and why it is so important. Read the information below carefully and also watch the video to learn more about the water cycle.

The Water Cycle

Your challenge is to demonstrate what you have learnt by writing a short explanation about the water cycle. Here are ideas to help you.

This day in history: 1990

Microsoft wows the world by releasing the innovative computer operating system Windows 3.0. It goes on to change the face of computers as they were known.

Windows 3.0 Tour

An insight into another historical Windows OS, Windows 3.0.

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