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Friday 1st May

Friday 1st May

Fact of the day:

Frogs don't drink water like we do. They absorb water through their skin!



Start your day off with some exercise. Choose either to follow the Joe Wicks live workout or a yoga routine from the Cosmic Kids Yoga link!



Reading for at least 20 minutes today, independently or to an adult. Don't forget, you can still quiz on books at home!


Today we are going to focus our attention on the 'past' side of the clock. This is all the numbers from 1 - 6 on the clock. 


We know that there are 60 minutes in each hour. When we made our clocks, we put lines where the numbers are in the clock. 

However, you might have seen some clocks that have lots more lines. Have a look at the picture below:

If you count all the lines on this clock, there will be 60 of them! This is because each line shows 1 minute.

So because there are 60 minutes, there are 60 lines! 


These little lines then indicate how many minutes past the hour it is. Have a look at how I have labelled the clock. This shows you how we come to having 5-past, 10-past, 20-past and 25-past. 

Have a look at the following pictures, these show you how we show 5-past, 10-past, 20-past and 25-past on the clock. 


This picture shows 5-past 8.

The big hand is the minute hand - this is the one you see at number 1. This is that hand that tells us it is 5 past the hour. 

The short hand tells us the hour. You will notice that it is a little bit past the 8. This is because it has gone past 8 o'clock. 

The next 3 pictures show

  1. 10-Past (big hand at number 2)
  2. 20-Past (big hand at number 3)
  3. 25-Past (big hand at number 4)


Notice how the big hand, the minute hand, is at the different numbers. 

The short hand slowly moves further past the 8 as the minute hand progresses. 

Get the clocks out that you made yesterday. We are going to do the same 'show me the time' game as yesterday.

Today, the questions will be focused on the minutes past we have looked at today.

Now label the times on the clocks. 


Today you are continuing your creative writing about your superpower. 


By the end of this session, you should have written 3 paragraphs to explain the following:

  • What superpower have you chosen?
  • Why have you chosen this superpower?
  • What would you be able to do if you had this superpower? Give some examples. 
  • How would this superpower change your life?
  • Would it change the lives of people around you? Would you superpower be able to help others or is it only you who would benefit from it?
  • Will you tell people that you have this superpower? Why / why not?


Success criteria (try to include all of these):

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Interesting sentence starters
  • Exclamation marks
  • Conjunctions
  • Alliteration


When you have finished writing today, make sure you read it through and make any improvements. You can edit in a black pen as we do in school. Try to get everything in from the success criteria. 


A quick recap of the days of the week. You made a poster about this before the Easter Holiday. Have a watch of this video to remind you. 

Les jours de la semaine

Today, we are going to turn our focus to the months of the year. Watch the following videos to learn how to pronounce them. You might be able to find some more videos on YouTube yourself. 

Les mois de l'année

Les mois de l'année

Now have a look through the following PowerPoint, repeat the month after they have said it.

You can now complete pages 21 and 22 in your French book. There is a calendar activity at the end which you might want to do on a piece of paper. 


There is also a word search here you might want to print out and do. 

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