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Friday 1st May 2020

Friday 1st May

Hello Year One!

It’s Friday and we are now in the month of May!  We hope you have enjoyed the home learning this week. Here are your tasks for today.


Are you dressing up and joining Joe Wicks for a workout or will you try some yoga to start your day?

Maybe you want to try something different. Why not have a go at learning the moves to the song, ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Science – Human body and the senses

This week we will continue our work on the senses focusing on the sense of touch.

Watch the short video found below.

What is touch?

What happens when we touch something?

What feelings do we get when we touch something?

Is it only your hands that we touch with?


Using your sense of touch allows you to tell if something is hot or cold, dull or sharp, rough or smooth, wet or dry.


Play the ‘box game’ found below. Reach into the box and try to identify objects. See how many items you can identify with the sock on your hand. See if you are more successful if you reach directly into the box with bare hands. Instructions are included in the file.

If you don’t have a box at home, you can do the same activity with a bag. Collect objects of different textures (sponge, rock, pine cone, feather etc) and place inside the bag. Put a sock on your hand and reach inside the bag. Can you guess which item you picked? Try with and without a sock on your hand. Which was easier to identify the objects?


Please test your child on the following spellings: goat, soap, oak, stew, flew, drew, ask, friend.

Please mark their spellings and let us know how they do.


Play the 3 in a row game reinforcing the a-e -make a cake and i-e - nice smile sounds.


Remember to read for at least 10 minutes today.

Here are the links for the online books.


This week we have looked at the zig zag letters: v,w,x,z.

Please refer to the handwriting sheet in your pack for the correct formation.

Continue to practise any letter(s) your child has found difficult.


There are a few quizzes and games for you to try today.

The first two links are for an online fraction quiz. The first quiz is recognising and finding halves and the second quiz is recognising and finding quarters.  

Play the ‘roll a fraction’ game. There are two versions of the game to choose from. Instructions are included in the file.

Foundation Subjects

Please refer to the Foundation Subjects grid and select an activity for today. Here are the resources that you might need to help you.

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